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Two of the questions we have year after year is...

"How do you plan and plant the Maize Maze?"


"What happens to the Maize Maze after the season has finished?" 


Surprisingly, after families and friends have enjoyed getting lost, finding clues and having picnics in the maze, the maze is used for energy!

The journey of the maize maze all starts in January, when we draw out different ideas and plans. Once we have decided on a rough idea for the year, this is then passed on to our maze designer Phil, who draws, scales and created the final design on AutoCAD.


The second step is to input the final design into the GPS of the tractor and get planting at the start of May! We use a specialist tractor and planter which follows the design to near on perfection.
Once the maize maze has been planted, it's a waiting game! The maze is irrigated 1-2 times while we wait for our opening day which is always around the 23rd July. The maize maze will be used for all our lovely customers to visit throughout the season, until the 4th/5th of November.
When we have finished for the season, the maize is harvested and transported to Severn Trent's Biomass boiler and the maize is used to create electricity.
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