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Notts Maze F.A.Q's



Maize Maze Opening times

Please note, last entry will be 1 hour prior to closing time


Monday - Sunday 10:00 - 17:00



Are dogs allowed in the maze? - No, sadly dogs aren't allowed in the maze. We do however allow service/assistant dogs to enter the maze.

Can we turn up any day and pay on the gate? - Yes, you are more than welcome to join us and pay on the gate.

How long does it take to get round the maze? - It takes anywhere from 1 hour to 2 hours to get round the maze and complete all the games and activities.

Do you take cash or card? - We take cash and card on the gate.

Can we prebook tickets? - Yes you can pre-book tickets 24 hours before you attend Nott's Maze. Please note, if you book tickets under 24 hours before you attend, your tickets WON'T be valid and WON'T get you into the maze.

When I book tickets am I allocated a time slot? - No we are not allocating time slots for the 2024 maze. If you have pre-booked tickets  you are welcome to join us on the date you have booked during the opening time’s stated below. 

My pre-booked ticket doesn’t have the date of attendance on it. Is this correct? - The date you have booked is for our records only so we can manage entry to the maze. Your tickets ARE valid for the date you have selected.

What are your opening hours? - Notts Maze will be open everyday of the summer holidays at the following times Monday - Sunday 10-5pm last entry 4pm.

Can pushchairs get round the maze?- Our maze is based in a plowed field so it naturally has bumps and inclines. The paths are wide enough to fit a pushchair down but we cannot guarantee you will manage - depending on the weather conditions etc. We have had lots of pushchairs that have attended Nott's Maze this year with no problems.  

How long will I have to wait after arriving to gain entry to the maze? - We can have a maximum of 100/110 people in the maze at anyone time with social distancing in place. With this in mind, the longest you will have to wait is 15-20 minutes during our busy periods to gain entry to the maze.

How many people are allowed in the maze at one time? - Our maze can have a maximum of 100 people at anyone time with social distancing in place.

If you require anymore information, do not hesitate to call Aaron on07515359203.

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