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Nott's Maze 2020 Covid-19 Response



Due to current circumstances, we will be doing the following to keep all visitors safe whilst visiting our maize maze:

  • We are prioritising all pre booked tickets each day and limiting people accordingly by using a hand counter

  • We are checking all temperatures on arrival, unfortunately we will need to turn away anyone with a fever/high temperature (37.8C or greater)

  • We have hand sanitizer stations located all over the site and encourage all visitors to use this on a regular basis

  • Porter loo toilets are checked, anti-bacterial wiped and sprayed each 30 minutes by a member of staff

  • As we are an outdoor event you are not required to wear masks but can do if you wish, the paths are wide enough for people to pass one another single file.

If you require anymore information, do not hesitate to call Aaron on 07515359203.


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